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Anthony Huso's blog for by the book 1st edition AD&D.

Thank goodness we're all given more chances than we deserve...

- Rain

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“As our own species is in the process of proving, one cannot have superior science and inferior morals. The combination is unstable and self-destroying.

It has yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value.

Morality, not intelligence, has survival value.”  

–Arthur C. Clarke

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1970 I'm born.

1971 Chainmail 1st Edition

1974 OD&D Boxed Set published (AD&D perfection process underway)

1976 Dragon Magazine Issue #1

1977 AD&D Monster Manual published

1978 PHB + B1, D1, D2, D3, G1, G2, G3, S1 published

1979 DMG + B2, S2, T1 published

1980 I play AD&D just before my 10th birthday for the first time

(D&D + Rogues Gallery + A1, C1, C2, Q1, S3 published)

1981 FF + Erol Otus Basic & Expert Set + B3, L1, U1, X1 published

1982 S4, WG4 published

1983 MM2 + World of Greyhawk + Ravenloft published

1984 I am authoring more D&D material than homework

1985 UA + OA + Temple of Elemental Evil published

1986 DSG + WSG + Queen of the Spiders published. Gary leaves TSR. Prior to

Gary's departure, my best friend and I go to Gen Con 19 (with our moms) and Gary signs my DMG

1987 Manual of the Planes published: the last AD&D book I ever buy.

1989 I graduate from high school and play sporadically until 1996

1997 - 2013 Some bullshit happens. In the middle of it Gary responds

to one of my emails and later, on March 4th 2008 he passes away

 2014 I return to table top RPGs. I try to play Pathfinder. It does not take. I

force my group to adopt the old AD&D system and begin playing regularly again.

2016 I publish HU1 The Night Wolf Inn, which I created back when I was a teen.

2017 I publish HU2 A Fabled City of Brass. My friend and I (the same one who went

to Gen Con with me 30 years ago) meets me at Gary Con 9. We bring our wives. 

2018 I publish HU3 The Mortuary Temple of Esma.

2019 I publish HU4 Zjelwyin Fall in January and in August I release HU5 Geir Loe

Cyn-crul (the dead halls of the giant ancients)

2020 I publish HU6 Dream House of the Nether Prince.

2023 I publish HU7 Castle of the Silver Prince, a full campaign consisting of 4 books

What's next? AD&D. Rolling dice. This is probably how I go out.

So You Want to Learn AD&D?

You've come to the right place.  I have a series of blog posts designed to introduce you to vintage AD&D and teach you how to play it more or less by the book.

Here are the links:

(Philosophical Introduction to the Game)

(How I Convinced Modern Players to Go Old School)

(Why Rules Are Your Friends)

(Intro to AD&D Miniature Movement in the Modern Age)

(Core Rules of Combat, part 1)

(Core Rules of Combat, part 2)

(Core Rules of Combat, part 3)

(Obscure Rules With Value: System Shock, Level Cap, Crushing Blows, Spell Costs, Zero HP Bedrest & More!)

(How to Use Psionics in a Non-Terrible Way)

(Old School DM Theory & Philosophy)

(Old School Player Theory & Philosophy)

(Theory on running High-Level AD&D games)​

(Mechanics to keep High-Level games on track)​

(Hows and whys of clerics, demons & deities)

(How to handle magic item manufacture​)

(Researching Existing & New Spells)​

(How to do it by the book)​

(Where​in I repeat myself from other blog posts)

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