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Oct 11, 2020
Wanted to start a thread where all relevant info can be gathered. First question: What do the reddish dots on the maps symbolize? Perhaps a map key, even just a written one, would be helpful. Thanks!
Jun 22, 2019
After reading thru your blog posts, Anthony, I was very intrigued by your take on segments, initiative, and psionics. A couple of questions: 1. On your combat tracker for round 3, why does the mage get to start his Fireball spell on the first segment? Shouldn't he be delayed, like the other players, until initiative changes sides? 2. Section V.C. of ADDICT seems to suggest psionic combat takes place every segment until mundane combat interrupts it or the round ends. This would mean that (using your method) a winning init. of 6 vs 4 would have two segments of uninterruptable psionic combat (barring missile fire, etc) until the losing party could possibly disrupt it. Such would eliminate the need for an extra segment at the beginning of the round. What say you regarding this? 3. In your psionic post, am I to understand that there is only one psionic exhange in the pre-segment of the round? 4. How do you handle surprise segments and psionics? I look forward to your reply. As an aside, I have purchased everything you have created to date and love them. I even bought NWI and Mortuary Temple of Esma for my nephew and he immediately incorporated them into his campaign. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!


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