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How does one directly contact Anthony? Or is he the force behind the curtain not to be approached.
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Jul 23, 2020
Peter Adkison and I are producing a new fantasy graphic novel series, based upon Peter’s homegrown D&D campaign, “Chaldea” he started, ohh way back in the 70’s. The World of Chaldea isn’t technically a Primal Order related property, but all of the foundation material presented in the TPO is present and active. A lot of what is in the Primal Order sprung up out of Chaldea and we couldn’t tell those rich mythological stories without hitting upon divine touchstones: primal energy, servitors, gods vying to control worlds—that sort of thing. We often receive questions, “What game are you working on next?” Sorry, no games, we’re just enjoying writing stories and bringing them to life in pictures and sounds. The unique spin we’re presenting, the Chaldea stories are digital films with a narrator. We hired actors to voice each character and include foley sound FX and full music score accompaniment. It looks and breaths like a graphic novel come to life. We think its cool. Hopefully, ::fingers crossed::, like minded fantasy enthusiasts will also enjoy it. We had originally intended to launch Chaldea Season One, this year at GEN CON, “The Best 4 Days in Gaming”, but alas the Covid Crisis thwarted us, so we’ve postponed the launch until Oct 3rd, (Peter’s birthday). We have a “development website”, [], if you’d like to check it out. It’s a rough beta we’ve played around with for the last 5-years. We’re a small team, so we don’t have the extra cycles to keep the website fresh while also producing the Chaldea films. Soon we’ll have a new website, (and hopefully a matching iOS App). That’s the plan.


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