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Giant Goose
Apr 18, 2023
Hi there, I am a complete newcomer to AD&D. I was wondering if anybody has had any experience with (as the title implies) one-on-one sessions. I was thinking about giving the player something like 20,000 EXP to distribute between two characters in whatever fashion they want and then turn them loose on some low-level modules. The point of this is to "warm up" and start fleshing out a setting prior to a full-fledged campaign (and for a fun rainy day activity). Re: the exp, my thoughts were that hypothetical set of two Heroes would still take a beating from say, 12 zombies (though of course they'd mow down a crowd of goblins or anything with less than 1 HD like a hot knife through butter) but it wouldn't be a hopeless situation. I am a newbie though and seek wisdom from those more wizened than me. Does AD&D hold up on this 1-1 scale? Have you had success with it? Please do tell.

Giant Goose

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