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The Table

I am not a carpenter. I do not build things with wood.

What I wanted from my gaming table was weight, presence, sturdiness, simplicity, beauty and utility for up to eight players plus myself.

What follows is my photo journey from concept to completion.

The fundamentals:

  • 29.75 inches tall means you can reach across the table for minis.

  • 54.5 inches wide

  • 79.5 inches long

  • Screen slightly off center to allow more room at the DM/Business end.

  • Each player has 13.5 inches of real estate between table edge and edge of TV screen.

  • The DM gets a little over 17 inches.

  • The legs are 5"x5" hand-turned pine from Etsy $189 for the whole set.

  • The apron is clean maple as are the support blocks for the TV; the rest of the table is pine.

  • Instead of buying a cheap power saw, I bought the most expensive hand saw and cut all boards by hand.

  • The Plexiglas sheet is quarter inch, 53"x78" and cost a little over $200 locally.

  • The TV is an LG 4K that I bought a couple years ago "open box" from Best Buy for a little over $400.

  • The corner protectors and bands are hand-made from Etsy.

  • The TV is easily removed by sliding out the steel tubes and removing the wooden shims.

  • In the photos below you can see the wooden shims above the tubes that hold the TV up to the Plexiglas.

(continued below gallery)

This project took me a tremendous amount of time and I had no blueprint...just a rough plan in Excel that I fleshed out as I went along.

It is held together mainly with glue (the DeWalt Clamps were the most expensive tools I bought). The art was printed out on a Canon using a combination of regular and glossy photo paper. The stairs (seen through the central hole) were mounted thanks to family team-work.

Here is Albin and Mortimer at the Night Wolf Inn:

Notice Scorpadillo!

If you have any questions about construction, let me know in the comments.

Happy Gaming!

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