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The Blue Bard

With G+ vanishing I decided to frame up my website a little better, give it a brand of sorts and a mission statement (found on the campaign page). I suppose this means a more proper introduction to my world-building, the campaign associated with that world-building, and the system (AD&D) that I use to run regular games.

If you click around, you'll find a few secret doors as well.

This is not just an OSR blog. This is an AD&D blog. And AD&D is the system you'll get to know if you visit this place regularly. The Blue Bard is here to bring you stories of my campaign and my ongoing use of the system I and my friends grew up playing.

This site is here, in particular, to help younger people learn from concrete accounts how AD&D works, how it works well with ALL the rules, and how we play it to this day.

Maybe a younger set of folks will become interested in dabbling in the system as a way of embracing history. My secret hope is that the system will never vanish but will prove transferable to new generations interested not in rolling dice and showing off feats, but in cooperative problem-solving, tactics and friendship.

This is not a site that focuses on weirdness, horror, or any other facet. This is a site that focuses on the game itself; the mechanics; and the joy of playing. This is a back to basics sort of place where standard monsters like gnolls have value but where imagination and new vistas are also offered and appreciated.

The blog posts will from now on be labeled as either Feature Posts (meant specifically for larger ideas and for people new to AD&D) or as Causerie Posts (which will be more of the regular updates and anecdotal happenings).

Peace and happy gaming.

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