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Site Membership Requests

Super quick blog post b/c I've had a bunch of emails from Wix telling me that "thanh thanh" or that "jimmy andrew" (two first names) wants to be a site member. While I could grant membership and then sort it out later when the bots start posting spam, I hate the overhead. Therefore, if you legitimately tried to join the site and I declined the application, just message me directly with the little chat tool in the lower right and tell me something like, you love first edition and you'd like to join. This will give me a heads up that you are a real person.

I'm super sorry for any inconvenience and certainly don't mean to decline real humans.

So again, just message me before or after you apply and your charter will be granted!

Happy holidays and happy gaming. And thank you SO much to everyone who's bought my supplements this year. I know how niche they are and am honored that you find value in them.

as the gray beards say,

fight on!

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