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Primal Order Conversions for AD&D and..."Other" News

dang it

Firstly, Castle of the Silver Prince has generated far more interest than I expected. I feel incredibly humbled by the support and just hope now that it measures up to your expectations. It sounds like folks are starting to get their copies. Which brings me to point the second.

Unfortunately, a reviewer in Ireland had a problem with the main book. It did this:

The issue is currently with customer service at Lulu. While I feel confident they will replace the book, it's obviously disappointing. To be fair, the review copy that the reviewer received comes from a time or SKU prior to my wrestling match with Lulu----before they said they recalibrated the press and glue amounts for the binding. SO, this should not happen to anyone else. But, if they outsource to different print shops, clearly I cannot make promises. What I can say, is that if you have ANY issue at all, Lulu customer service is responsive and will replace any faulty product. The copies in my possession, which arrived AFTER my discussions with Lulu are holding up fine and there are no issues with the binding, both soft cover and perfect bound.

Needless to say, this issue explains the cover image for this blog post. If it happens to you, don't worry. Lulu will fix it for you. But whether I use Lulu again going forward is obviously at stake.

Fingers crossed.

Thirdly, because there's been some attention on Dream House of the Nether Prince, and because I mention The Primal Order once in the Castle of the Silver Prince, I wanted to drop a couple images for those who have an interest. You can get The Primal Order on DriveThruRPG right here. But it doesn't come with the AD&D conversions. I happen to have taken a photo of the miniscule but essential section.

So there you have it. Note that although I mention Primal Order once in the Silver Castle, it is not leveraged in any way and you won't need it to run the adventure.

Still, for the curious, I thought I'd offer photos of the book in my possession.

And that wraps it up for this brief post. I just want to thank you all again for picking up a copy of the Castle of the Silver Prince. Even running two groups, my players will miss a lot of content. If that content sees play with you and your group, it helps validate the work.


and happy gaming.

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