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PDFs versus Physical Books

I had some issues with Lulu (which I resolved) during production of the Castle of the Silver Prince campaign. This started me looking for alternate avenues.

Near the beginning of January I discovered gumroad and was shocked to see that their file limit size far exceeds 1GB. Everything about them seemed pretty cool and straightforward. Best of all, using gumroad would allow me to create .zip files containing multiple PDFs along with maps, images and so on.


As a result, I have re-vamped the product page. It now funnels you to Lulu for physical books while handling digital collections here-ish at the blue bard, thanks to gumroad.

With this improvement to PDF distribution options I've packed up all the supplements and, since it's now truly feasible to support, included The Castle of the Silver Prince as a digital offering. I'm also able to bundle HU1, HU2, HU3, HU4, HU5, & HU6 into one bundle thanks to gumroad.

So. Nothing super new except the digital access to the Silver Castle. I continue work on the Hells, but there's no clear date yet for an offering. When I'm ready, I'll likely release the new material in physical form on Lulu and on gumroad at the same time. Prior to that, I'll do a proper blog post explaining what's in there so you know what you're getting.

All for now.


and happy gaming.

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