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Night Wolf Inn Guild Service

Monday night, the party will gather at the Night Wolf Inn to support Teira in her annual guild service. Summons of this sort always arrive in a small, narrow scroll, carried by messenger bird.

Teira had some choice in the matter:

Black Wolf,

Welcome and Thank You for heeding your summons!

The Master appreciates your dedication and hopes your guild service will be swift and safe.

Awh’Gnuyk Vet will be your Steward and Oversee your service. Service is scheduled to occupy two uninterrupted weeks from the time you sign this document. Please plan ahead to meet this obligation.

Itinerary and Instructions:

  • Basic Orientation

  • Question & Answer session

  • Service Begins:

  • Select One of the following Two Quests:

1. Rent Room VIII and enter the wilds.

  • First, deliver a letter to Kaldt Mjod and then,

  • Strike for the great cave two miles down the ridge. Retrieve an egg from within for the Inn Master.

2. Rent Room XVII and enter the wilds.

  • Find the Jeweled Dragon that dwells in the vast Caldera of the cooling mountains.

  • Steal the silver horseshoe from its hoard.

  • Take this to the Fey and treat with their oracle. She will explain how to use the silver horseshoe to tame the Niabuel.

  • Bring the Niabuel to the Inn Master.

Awh’Gnuyk will check your work, after which you must perform a final task:

  1. Somewhere beneath the Inn is the Temple of the Moon.

  2. There you will find the formula for a drug by the name of World Without End.

  3. Once you have obtained this recipe, it is yours to keep.

Good Luck!

I understand this quest is perilous and am ready to begin,


So Teira will sign her name and we'll all be off. The Player who owns Teira selected Option #2 and therefore will be renting room XVII. The map above (done using Cone of Negative Energy's wonderful hex set, which I purchased from Roll20) shows the location of the room at center. The party will then strike out in whatever direction they like...probably having to deal with the Passelkha Devil as their first obstacle (unless one of them finds the Nameless Book).

Oh there will be wonderful things to see. Fey creatures of every kind, Needlemen, and a Sapphire Dragon.

I offer the map for free in case you happen to DM room XVII and don't have something on hand. I won't help you key the map other than to say that sure looks like the hut of an infamous witch up there, just south of the evil cave!

Happy Gaming!

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