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New Game Room: Nick of Time

Well, the move has been completed and the chaos (unpacking) is diminishing. Tomorrow is game night, and I've just got the Game Room presentable today. Now to test out Fantasy Grounds (and probably have to re-forward my IP).

What's great about this space, and I have to thank my wife for letting me put the game room in the front room by the entry (she actually thinks it looks presentable and is not embarrassed!) is that it's finally big enough to accommodate not only my six regular players but a couple spectators (who've been wanting to come see our old school spectacle first-hand, but whom I've been unable to accommodate in the smaller space).

Behold, four photos from the four corners:

View as you walk into the house.

View from the sword.

View from the lovesac.

View from the miniature case.

Lord Gosumba's live stream starts in an hour w/ Allan Grohe. I also have to do some prep for tomorrow's game (and finally calc. XP from last session)...I've been busy.

After that, it's back to work polishing up the new module and getting ready to release it into the wild.

Peace and happy gaming.

Ella's handmade frog.

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