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Geir Loe Cyn-crul Available

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The new module is now available.

Read all about the module here.

Full color hi-rez maps are available below for your VT. But be warned! This post is a spoiler.

Unless you plan to run the module for your crew, the maps below will spoil significant portions of the adventure.

Note that these maps are designed for your VT, and as such have no grid. The VT of your choice can apply a grid overlay (set to the scale included on the maps) if you desire.

If you love the map and want to use it for your own purposes, without purchasing the adventure, you are free to do so.

I have posted the maps in the following order:

  • Player Map with illusory terrain

  • Player Map without illusory terrain

  • DM Map with key

Astute readers will note that the module code HU4 on the cover is wrong. It's correct inside the book (HU5) but won't be fixed on the cover since I already shut down my InDesign license now that the module is live. Twenty-some dollars a month is a killer for a single app!

Hope you enjoy, and happy gaming!

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