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Updated: Oct 14, 2019

So yeah, in the down time I built a new DM screen with a smaller footprint and a straight down dice chute.

I wanted it to be green and copper. So, I grabbed some poplar from Home Depot.

I wanted the screen to hold my dice in the bottom, so I bought some wood filament for my 3D printer and printed out some ramps:

Then I used wood glue to attach them to the bases of the panels.

I ordered some 1cm neodymium spheres and set them in counter-sunk sockets so that they could move freely.

Now the panels snap together with about 5lbs of force.

I sanded the copper strips and started to get the rivet holes ready.

Next I got to work on the dice chute, started cutting my green felt and broke out the Keda Wood Dye to turn the poplar green.

Very green!

I opted to use copper rivets to hang my tables and illustrations. Time to get the dice chute glued together. I applied the felt to the inside first, to dampen the noise of the dice.I

I never actually use these to exercise...

I left the rivets loose so that I could sand the pieces. I wanted to tone down the green and give it a smooth, worn look.

Here it is without plastic sleeves. You can see the felt bottoms are now glued to the 3D-printed ramps. Lots of copper decoration too.

Worst part was the plastic sleeves. I used real estate sign holders from Home Depot, assuming each one would be identical. Turns out, they are NOT. Each is drilled slightly different. Ouch. I had to sand down the sides, over-drill the holes, and cover the ugly drill-holes with circular copper blanks.

It was a lot of work. But I guess I'm happy with the results.

And the front again:

Happy Gaming.

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