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Don't Everyone Rush At Once

Updated: Oct 5, 2020


The thing is physical now. Surprise delivery on a Sunday? Weird. And no, I'm not being coy. Don't rush to buy it. It's expensive and I'm not sorry and I don't care if you're mad.

Make sure you read this before you decide. TL;dr version: I didn't make this for you. I made it for me...or more accurately: for my players.

I'm not offering a PDF at this time. Once my campaign ends (i.e. the players in my local group have either finished the adventure or given up) I plan to release a PDF that includes a recap of their fate. Until then (and I have no idea how long that will be) the only format I'm providing is physical: hard cover. No exceptions. Do not ask.

Still, I'm not a monster. And even if I was, I'd tell you that I wasn't.

If you want high-rez Player/DM versions of the maps to run on your virtual table top, just message me. I'll give them to you even if you haven't bought the thing. If anyone wants to host those maps on their own sites and distribute them, I'm OK with that too.

Level range for this is 14+ with a BARE MINIMUM of 6 characters. Frankly I think 18th level is more likely to survive with a few 9th level spells under their belts, but *shrug*...this isn't meant to offer a well balanced "challenge". It is meant to destroy characters, albeit with fun along the way.

Doesn't sound like much fun, Anthony.

Yeah don't sound like you understand AD&D. Your character was rolled up so that it would die, preferably gloriously. How much more glorious can you get than tackling a Prince of the Abyss? And hey, there's a real chance you could win. There's not a real chance that every character will survive, but there's a real chance yours might.

My assumption is that your Fighter has a Cube of Force and your Magic User has a Staff of the Magi, and the party is walking around with an artifact or two. And this adventure isn't going to nerf them beyond what traveling the planes already does. Your characters are immune to a lot of things. They have ACs of -6 [or better I hope]. Poisonous air and freezing temps aren't hard to cope with. In fine, they've earned the right to die with style. So get on with it.

If you run this thing, I def want to hear how it went. Later on down the road, I'll tell you how it went for me. Until then, as always, peace. And happy gaming.

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