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Chainmail for AD&D

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

So, your party is getting up there in levels. They are making a stronghold. You want them to have to defend it!

Break out the Chainmail! Oh but wait. You're new to AD&D? Chainmail's rule booklet is a confusing mess? Omitting some of the optional rules (and all rules related to gunpowder...which is a crying shame because the mechanics for firing cannons is exceedingly cool) I've condensed the rules down to one poster-size collection of charts.

Feast your eyes:

This system doesn't account for the full variety of AD&D weapons and armor. It makes generalizations about how well geared your troops are while still allowing for significant choices.

While some knowledge of wargames and/or Chainmail will help you in utilizing this poster, I've tried to make it as straightforward as possible.

Note that sending a high level PC out onto the battlefield makes abstraction of the character sheet, HPs, AC etc. but does allow for special ability and spell use.

Here is a Troop Tracker you can use during play:

Now go and lay waste!

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