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Castle of the Silver Prince Proofs Ordered

Yes, I weighed it. It's nearly 5 lbs.

Yeah so, I'm starting to order proofs.

It's pretty exciting to be at this point. The main module clocks in at 442 pages exact. Stupid.

I've been wrestling with my desire to have that homage to the Erol Otus cover with the decapus and the orange trade dress of the first printing...the one that got sent to a land fill. Finally I was like, why not just offer both? One that's more goofy and comic. One that's more serious and honest about the actual contents. So that's what I'm going to do. It's almost no extra work to offer them both.

And now for the craziness. The campaign is broken out into 4 books.

  1. Main Module for the Silver Castle: the entire Silver Castle and all sub locations (442 pages)

  2. Appendix and Compendium: The region, three towns, sub adventures, magic items, spells, monsters, etc. (236 pages approx)

  3. Tables and Handouts: Encounter tables, Rumor Tables, Monster Roster (with stat blocks for all monsters in the campaign), All handouts for the Campaign (156 pages approx)

  4. Maps & Extras: FULL COLOR Book with all Heraldry, Holy Symbols, Maps and Time Trackers for the campaign (62 pages approx)

Roughly 896 pages of material for a full campaign from level zero to twelve and beyond.

I don't want to get ahead of myself on this. There's still a lot of polishing to do. I don't anticipate this being on Lulu until toward the end of this year. Still, thought an actual update on progress was in order. Here are all the covers:

I've had a lot of direct messages on the site lately from people thanking me for all this material. I feel overwhelmed by this because I was never sure if my adherence to AD&D was something other people would appreciate.

To all of you that have messaged me, thank you again for your kind words and your assurance that these adventures are getting played.

Talk to you again sometime in the fall!

Peace and Happy Gaming...

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