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Dimensional Guardian specializing in enchantments, divinations, wards and so on. Original class credit goes to Ed Greenwood in Dragon Magazine #90.

  • Prime Req: INT (9 min)

  • 17 INT to cast 6th level spells

  • 18 INT to cast 7th level spells

  • Can read both magic-user and illusionist magic

  • Alignment: Any

  • Must accumulate library to level-up: all training costs going to library

  • 1st level: can drain charges from magical devices to heal herself (2d4 hp per charge).  This takes a full round and does not work on artifacts or items without charges.  This can raise her hp above max, but these phantom hp last for only 1 turn.

  • 2nd level: The incantrix can steal a spell from another spell caster, which that caster currently has memorized. The spell to be stolen is determined at random and the incantrix knows nothing about the stolen spell.  This special ability by-passes magic resistance and there is no saving throw.  The stolen spell may be cast by the incantrix immediately or held for later use and can be cast without any material components.  When cast, the spell functions as if cast by the being it was stolen from (with regards to level).  Any spell already in the process of being cast cannot be stolen. By using a Write Spell, the Incantrix can erase the spell from her mind and inscribe it on a scroll or in a book—though this does not allow her to use it if it is forbidden by her class. Only by such scribing can the stolen spell be identified.  The incantrix may use this special ability 1/day at levels 2-4; 2/day at levels 5-6; 3/day at levels 7-8 and so on at a range of 1”/level.  To avoid cooperative abuse, a 5% chance of something heinous happening to the target's mind is probably in order.

  • 3rd level: can see ethereal and out of phase creatures within 3”

  • 4th level: may physically attack such creatures

  • 6th level: immune to level drain

  • 7th level: scrolls and potions

  • 8th level: can sense the general nature of a spell as it is being cast (not as explicit as ESP)

Inx Spell 1.PNG
Inx Spell 2.PNG

Quick explanation for why I edited this class:

I found the Incantrix to be far too weak and narrow to be interesting as a PC.  By allowing the charge-based healing and spell-steal as special abilities at low level, I've made this a wild-card class.  The steal in particular is so random that effective use is not guaranteed even with my crazy buff and assignation of it as a special ability rather than a spell no one would/could ever cast.

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