Mar 16

Jon Anderson of YES on tour Spring 2019


I discovered this news by accident since my eldest son was performing at Disney World (with his high school band), on one of the two nights that Jon kicked off his tour: Ethan got to hear "Roundabout" performed from the Disney "Legends of Rock" stage, and he was pretty excited about it :D


Jon will perform in Arlington, TX on 12 May, but isn't coming through near to Kansas. My hope, however, is that since Jon's performing at the Collingswood, NJ, Scottish Rite Center, that perhaps our local Wichita SRC (where TsunamiCon is held each year in the fall) might be persuaded to book him. We'll see....



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  • Anthony--- While looking at your Lulu page, I noticed another novel, entitled Bone Radio , mentioned in your mini-bio; however, I wasn't able to discover much about it, or any extant copies on Amazon, Bookfinder, or eBay. I found perhaps a publisher page (or perhaps just an announcement?), as well as an old interview @ but still no book. Was Bone Radio published, and if so, perhaps only as an ebook?? Allan. stalker's gotta stalk ;)
  • ** SPOILER WARNINGS ** for Anthony's two novels, _The Last Page_ and _Black Bottle_. + ** SPOILER WARNINGS ** + ** SPOILER WARNINGS ** + ** SPOILER WARNINGS ** + ** SPOILER WARNINGS ** + ** SPOILER WARNINGS ** + ** SPOILER WARNINGS ** + ** SPOILER WARNINGS ** + ** SPOILER WARNINGS ** + ** SPOILER WARNINGS ** + ** SPOILER WARNINGS ** + ** SPOILER WARNINGS ** + ** SPOILER WARNINGS ** Anthony--- I finished _Black Bottle_ last night and had a few Qs I thought you might consider answering for me. I had hoped to finish prior to NTX to ask in person, but didn't pick the book back up again until after the show (I had paused at the chase after Sandren for a few months, and picked up _Lord of Light_ during that time). I was pleasantly surprised at the ending, and thought that you did a great job of setting htat up through Caliph's increasingly negative views of Sena as he bought more and more into others' perceptions of her and her machinations. So, onto the Qs: 1. Sena, Caliph, and their daughter, and Nathaniel and Taelin/Arrian all survived the end/recreation of Adummim, right?: - Sena is immortal, divine, and Eternal like the Yillo'tharnah, and can be discovered and brought back/summoned/reincorporated by Caliph (or others) summoning/recreating her via the Cisrym Ta? - Caliph and daughter are immortal and divine but not Eternal (since they didn't make Sena's pact)? - Nathaniel is immortal still but not divine, but he's scattered to the four winds/across the multiverse, and will take strange aeons to pull himself back together again; but he probably will, eventually. - I'm not sure about Taelin and Arrian, who are immortal but not divine and scattered too, right? My sense is that Taelin takes Arrian's place---that was Sena's revenge against Nathaniel, beyond having Caph kill him, so Nathaniel no longer has a #2 to come with him into a future. So Arrian may have been immortal but she might be truly dead and gone, or perhaps is immortal and scattered but can't come back together; and Taelin is like Nathaniel now---immortal but scattered? 2. I thought that giving Nathaniel a phylactery was a nice touch, and that itself evoked the demi-lich as well. What was he, in your mind? 3. Where did Nathaniel screw up?---if he foresaw Sena's machinations, baby as #2, and planned for the shawt tinctures and annotations in the Cisrym Ta, what happened that he blew it in the end (beyond his phylactery being destroyed)? I probably have some additional Qs but those will suffice for now. Thanks for writing the books, they were highly evocative! Allan.