Feb 7

grodog's maps and such


I realized semi-recently that I've shared much more content in the DF and K&K forums re: my Castle Greyhawk maps (both my own, as well as research about EGG and RJK's levels) than I have on my own web site. Which merely means that I should spend some more time getting that updated: http://www.greyhawkonline.com/grodog/gh_castle_grodog.html


In any event, my hope is to build a visual maps index that would eventually look a little like your cards topic pages here, with one for each map, and then to start to build out the mesh of interconnections between the pages that are shown in the maps. We'll see....



Feb 7
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Well you can facebook or tweet, or grab a link. That's hamburgers or hotdogs or a taco to go. Also odd that clicking opens it in this massive format that doesn't scale.

@Anthony: what's the "it" in "clicking opens it in this massive format..."?: my page, or the image files, or something else?

Feb 21

@grodog just noticing that if you click a post the post opens in a large format.

That seems to be the new web usability/design trend---one interface that's built to be great on a tiny mobile screen, but looks ludicrous on desktop (eBay, I'm looking at you....).

Feb 7

I used the search function and found "maps"...that's one thing better than G+

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  • Anthony and everyone--- How much thought have you given to game elements/structures that are part of the campaign's flow and evolution, independent of the individual adventures' structures? I'm reading Erin Morgenstern's new book _The Starless Sea_, which is a fairy-tale-like novel told through nested stories like the 1001 Arabian Nights, and exploring their structures, some of which are meta-fictionally self-reflective/-reflexive, a la Borges or Robert Coover. It's a bit like a mega-dungeon of a book, really. I'm thinking of structures that drive campaigns over the medium- to long haul, like: - active foreshadowing through backgound/history/sage advice, spies/spying, divination and research spells, prophecies and divine/infernal guidance, etc. - hidden foreshadowing through returning to earlier locations/NPCs/items/prophecies/etc. that have a newly-realized meaning or significance in retrospect after learning D after A, B, and C ("we should never have sold that wand at 3rd level so we could pay our training costs---it's the X"; "whoa!: we need to head back to that well in level 6 and open that unopenable door with this key now"; etc.); this works best, of course, when specific items, content, histories, etc. have layers of meaning/mystery to them - assembling pieces and parts of multi-part magic items (Rod of Seven Parts, Eye and Hand of Vecna, etc.), maps, information/lore, paintings, etc.; Anthony's Black Journal falls into this category, I think, in addition to being an awesome prop - red herrings , false trails/false alarms, and misinterpretations: player agency means that they'll get distracted by the fake ghost's tricks rather than unmasking the fake ghost, sometimes; this is possible through their own misinterpretations, as well as through being distracted by false trails/fake news clues intentionally created by NPCs---I'm thinking of Urgaan of Angarngi's map from Leiber's " Jewels in the Forest " here, or Eclavdra's false trail luring the classic GDQ players to assault Lolth as the root of all of their woes. - independent actors with their own agendas that drive their goals, priorities, relationships, etc.---this is the whole "putting it all in motion" to create verisimilitude What other kinds of tools like these do you use to structure long-term campaign play? Allan.
  • Jay Scott has dragged me back into his Twitch feed, to discuss AD&D dragons in the World of Greyhawk on Sunday night @ 7:30pm EDT. More details soon! Allan.
  • So, while reading up on the closure of Ray Bailey's recent 1e KS @ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dgg-03/dd3-the-misty-halls-of-kalavorka/posts/2662226 I read Ray's snippet about his next project, which mentions: I hope you will all come back to support my next project — DD4 Secret of the Silver Spire. This adventure will be somewhat unusual in that it features a semi-living, dimensional-hopping tower inhabited by intelligent ape-men who use science-magic, modrons (I hear some groans, but trust me on this one), and their overlords, the Silver Masters. I ran this one for my weekly gaming group a few years ago, and they all loved it. With this Kickstarter will be another Side Quest module. This one is tentatively titled “The White Queens Rage”. For characters levels 8-10, it involves the players exploring a frost giant queen’s mountain castle. Now I've loathed modrons for nearly as long as I've loathed anything in the entire corpus of D&D (and yes, I loathe modrons more than I loath 3.x, and Anything magic items, and WG7 Castle Greyhawk, and the lame RPGA-trash branded as Greyhawk during 2e, and... You get the idea, I hope. So, is it possible to redeem the lowly, despised, and reviled modrons? Have any of you done ever so? Allan.