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Jul 1

MAYBE this redoubt away from the carnage of G+ can offer a place to post stories, new projects/products, ideas, pictures or whatever is on your long as it's AD&D or OSR related.
Oct 25

Jay Scott has dragged me back into his Twitch feed, to discuss AD&D dragons in the World of Greyhawk on Sunday night @ 7:30pm EDT. More details soon! Allan.
Sep 26

This was brought to my attention. Many thanks to the Brookmere Chronicles for making a video .
Sep 14

I made a proper poster of the map and included an abbreviated key for quick reference. You should be able to download it and use it at POD sites such as Vista Print. Size is 24" x 36" so make sure t
Aug 23

The audio recording, slides, and handouts from our Greyhawk seminar at GaryCon are now available for download. Details at
Aug 4

We are in the process of buying a home near Austin. A big game room was high on the list. Here's some pics of said game room from the listing: And...the house happens to have a pool. So if your cha
Jun 22

Check it out. Although this doesn't show other planes, there's a pin for every location the campaign has either visited or has direct knowledge of. Five years of adventure in those pins.
5 days ago

I'm on Twitch again tonight talking about 1e, Undead, and Greyhawk with @Jay Scott, @Anna Meyer, and Mike Bridges. Details at
Oct 24

So, while reading up on the closure of Ray Bailey's recent 1e KS @ I read Ray's snippet about his next proj
Sep 23

Turned out pretty good
Sep 2

Aug 20

Jun 24

After reading thru your blog posts, Anthony, I was very intrigued by your take on segments, initiative, and psionics. A couple of questions: 1. On your combat tracker for round 3, why does the mage
Jun 12

Was fun to see my paint job on the box cover of Pacesetter Games' Froghemoth miniature.
Nov 1

Anthony and everyone--- How much thought have you given to game elements/structures that are part of the campaign's flow and evolution, independent of the individual adventures' structures? I'm readi
Oct 3

Carlos Lising invited me to his CaslTawk chat session tomorrow night. The topic of the hour?: the Witch Queen of Perrenland, demons, and the World of Greyhawk! If you're curious, details are on my
Sep 14

While re-watching the cartoons, this very short scene from episode 8 "Servant of Evil" leapt out at me as being strikingly suggestive of a relationship between Hank and Diana. Striking because of the
Aug 30

Aug 16

Jay Scott, one of the gamers I know in South Jersey, runs a Twitch TV channel dedicated to his 30+ year 1e campaign set in the World of Greyhawk. While visiting with him on my last trip back home, h
Jun 22

The original map had a scale of 1 sq = 40'. I'm modifying slightly and bringing it down to 1 sq = 10'. This is a terrible place where the party can be ambushed from any direction. But hey, when you