Feb 20

What are you working on?




What are you working on next, now that ZF is nearly complete?



Feb 20Edited: Feb 20

Ha! Well, did do the Chainmail thing...and that took up a fair amount of time. ZF is very nearly done, but I'm going through it again. Edit, edit, edit...especially when I'm not really that good at editing. I'd kill to have my copy-editor from the Tor days back with me now. She was a bad ass.


But I have some art going in now along with some new polish to the layout. Russ is working and will probably continue into March. If all goes well, it should be up on the store end of next month.


I'm going to take a well-deserved break. Paint some minis.


The guys are headed back to the Night Wolf Inn because one of their low level fighters has been summoned for guild service. Guild service is brutally dangerous and involves crawling around the dimensions of the Inn. It lets me coast a bit, since all the heavy lifting for those sessions is done.


Then there's going to be the war...the one I compiled the Chainmail rules for. So, I have a little prep left on that: composing the enemy army. But mostly more coasting, which is what I need.


During all that coasting I need to ferret out whether the group plans to tackle the Sepulchre of Isartes in the deserts (or) the Dead Halls of the Giant Ancients in the mountains. (I really like tombs)


(You'll find Esma in the Black Book too...but Isartes is further down)


Depending on which one they head for, I might turn that adventure into the next module.


P.S. They beat Zjelwyin Fall. Just barely. 1 true death and 1 Astral death (the latter successfully woke from her coma). I added the details of this last playtest session to the module as an Afterword.

I need to carve out more minis time!---too many other things keeping me from the painting and assembling! Enemy army, eh? What's in store for the PCs?---giants, undead horde, nomad zealots, etc.? :D


I'll take a look at the Black Book later---the name of the Sepulchre of Isartes does not ring an immediate bell.


Glad to hear that the PCs completed ZF. If your crew lost 2 PCs, my hunch, still, is that others will lose more ;)




Feb 21

@grodog Minis are zen. As long as my hands aren't hurting (arthritis runs in the fam) I really enjoy the time. You should really dive in while you can before eyes and backs fail us. I've been painting since Jan 2015 and its so worth it to be able to play with figures now in a meaningful way.


You surmise some of the unit types quite close to reality, but nothing is finalized yet.


With regards to ZF, you may be right. Of note, however, I did take your advice in several areas and those changes were present during the playtest so...who knows? You might have made all the difference!


I feel these boards might as well be PMs. Hahaha. But its fine. I like G+ too, partly b/c there was almost nobody there ;)


Please tell Guy F. hi when you're at Gary Con and find out where I can see his photo-journalism of the event...he does a great job of that. I'm telling myself that next year FOR SURE, I'll be there.

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