Feb 7

G+ is gone but maybe a piece of OSR can live here...


Edited: Feb 7

I'm testing out the Wix forums. Might utterly blow. But feel free to give it a spin regarding all things OSR. Maybe it'll be this good:




Feb 7

It's not incredibly elegant. And it's sad that you can't scroll comments from the board. Images are nice. No ads.

Does it have .sigs and subscriptions to threads, or do you get auto-subscribed if you start one and/or comment?



Feb 7

Looks like auto-subscribed...because I notice the widget on the post offers "unfollow post". No sigs from the looks of it. Rudimentary on many levels but still exploring.

@Anthony Front page vertical dots also allows me to Follow Category. Apparently this time the Reply tagged you---but it didn't last time. Curious!

Feb 7

@grodog yes. I'm getting notifications. It's funny, on one hand I'm dismissive and on the other I'm hopeful. Wix is making money hand over fist and I do notice upgrades over time so the forum feature might mature.

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  • What _types_ of product designs does the OSR lack? We have core and supplemental rulebooks; adventure modules and supplements; setting books; content tools; accessories; and guidance books. What else is missing from that list? Further context at https://grodog.blogspot.com/2019/10/what-types-of-product-designs-does-the-osr-lack.html Allan.
  • Hi Anthony. It is always a joy to read your posts and thebluebard.com has definitely served as a great inspiration for my own campaign. I just made a post featuring some of your work to share with my gaming community. https://almostcampaign.blogspot.com/ Your maps have made my maps better and the care and passion you put into your game has set a new standard for my own games. Thanks Anthony! I just picked up your novels. I couldn't find them new anywhere so had to order them used online at $50 bucks a-piece. Money well spentin my opinion. You can check out the Intro to my Dystopian Dark Fantasy campaign here: soon to be in print. https://almostcampaign.blogspot.com/2018/06/session-1-darforge.html Happy gaming!
  • Anthony, Regarding your "Combat Part 1" blog post: Wouldn't a savvy sorceror elect to 'Hold Action' during a 10-segment melee round, wait until the monster(s) have attacked, then begin casting? This would presumably allow him/her to unfailingly get the spell off unhindered - that is, if you allow a caster to cast even during a round in which he/she has taken damage. As a follow-up question - I don't suppose you allow a caster to cast more than one spell during a melee round, do you? I mean, could a caster do a Magic Missile and a Fireball in one round (total elapsed time: 4 segments)? Apologies for the myriad questions. I am devouring your combat posts and questions just keep popping up. Footnote: I started AD&D back around 1980 or so (the Golden Age for me and for the game). As such, I am no spring chicken and my eyes are failing me somewhat. The font you've selected for your posts is thin and requires squinting on my part. Although I'm already in your debt, I'd be even more so if the letters were beefed up a bit. Best, Craig