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Rose / Blood Elf

The blood elves originate from a parallel universe and are therefore resistant to magic (cf. dwarves).

Blood elves have an overly healthy pink complexion with particular reddening in the lips, tips of the ears, nose, fingers and toes. Hair is scarlet. Eyes are often multi-colored with rainbow irises ranging through pink, violet, yellow, green and blue.

Blood elves often cover their skins in red tribal tattoos. They adorn themselves with silver and often wear featureless mask-like helms to conceal their faces against prejudice / recognition.
As with other demi-humans in the AD&D pantheon, this race has limitations in class and level as well as in ability scores. To qualify for a blood elf character, ability scores must fall within the following ranges:










Racial Bonuses

  • Blood elves gain an initial +1 to their DEX roll and a -1 to their CHR

  • For every 3.5 points of CON they get +1 to saving throws vs magic: Spells, Rod, Staff, Wand etc. and vs Poison

  • At will: Pass Without Trace PHB p.55

  • Regardless of class, a blood elf can always use a long/short bow and is +1 to hit with these weapons

  • Infravision 60’

  • Automatically notices secret doors etc. 1in6 when within 10’ of said secrets. Notices them 2in6 when searching.

  • If alone and not in metal armor a blood elf moves silently enough to surprise others 4in6

  • Blood elf culture revolves around the magical nature of their blood, which is a healing agent. Each 25% of a blood elf’s hp can be used to fill a potion flask.

  • This potion functions as a potion of healing (2d4+2). A blood elf cannot gain hp from drinking his/her own blood but can gain hp from drinking the blood of another elf.

  • This culture and phenomenon typically incite prejudice against blood elves who are often cast in the same circle as vampires by other races.

Racial Disadvantages

  • Blood elves save vs cold attacks at -2 on the die and take +1 HP/die from cold-based damage. Against magical cold, blood elves do not get their normal bonuses to saving throws vs magic.

  • Cold iron weapons do +1 per die of dmg (a cold iron broadsword will do 2d4+2 dmg to a blood elf) and touching cold iron will cause a blood elf 1 HP dmg/round.

  • Blood elves cannot be magic-users, illusionists or non-clerical spell casters of any kind with the exception of Rangers.










Class & Level Restrictions

  • Cleric 7th Level Max

  • Fighter 7th Level Max

  • Ranger 13th Level Max

  • Thief Unlimited

  • Assassin Unlimited

Cleric/Fighter, Cleric/Ranger, Cleric/Thief, Cleric/Assassin, Fighter/Thief & Fighter/Assassin are valid multi-class options for a blood elf.

Blood Elf culture revolves around blood, blood-letting, sacrifice and the circle of life and death.
They are tribal, live in cliff-side caves or dwellings and generally worship “Thool: Mark of Death/Circlet of Life” whose power number is 8 and whose symbol is an ambiguous circle of green flames/blades of grass set against a black background.

Blood elves do not have a fixed alignment but most of them fall in the range of NG, CG, CN, NE. Many of them see themselves as a chosen people, blessed with magical blood by the god Thool.
They are insular, secretive and have a priesthood whose upper echelons are composed of Cleric/Assassins.

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