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Devoted to the exercise of arcane mental powers.  Original class credit goes to Arthur Collins in Dragon Magazine #78.

  • ​INT (10 min*)

  • WIS (10 min*)

  • CHR (10 min*)

  • *At least one of these must be 16+

  • Human or Half-Elf only

  • Armor: Any

  • Shield: Any

  • Weapons: Any

  • Alignment: Any

  • Weapon Proficiencies: Progress as Magic-User (-4 nwp penalty)

  • XP +10% if INT, WIS, CHR (IWC) avg 16+

  • THAC0: use Thief table

  • Saving Throws: use Magic-User table

  • Always starts w/ Mind Blank

  • ATT & DEF modes are added by choice

  • Devotions, Sciences & Grand Arts are rolled randomly. Duplicate rolls are ignored. The Psionicist is allowed one re-roll during each determination.

  • Can use any devotion or science regardless of class restrictions

  • 11th Level: Can Found a School & attracts 2-5 1st level psionicists

  • 11th Level: If Lab + Library = 

  • function as sage in Human; Psychology; Divination; Medicine; Metaphysics and Planes

  • create potions that affect psionics / mental power

  • research & fabricate items such as helm of telepathy


Ability factor: When the IWC is determined, his psionic strength is also determined.  A character with an IWC of 14 begins with 140 psionic ability points (70 ATT & 70 DEF).

A character with an IWC of 15.7 begins with 157 psionic ability points (78 ATT & 78 DEF).

See the Dragon Magazine for expanded Devotions, Sciences and Grand Arts.

Quick explanation for why I edited this class:

I found no good reason to limit the Psionicist's weapons and armor, especially given the exceptions made for Deryni in Dragon Magazine and the fact that the class is already operating on the worst THAC0 progression in the game.

Nearly all new classes presented in Dragon Magazine (back in those days) were professed to be over-powered (remember the laughable warnings in the Death Master NPC class?) but were in fact pathetic compared to their PHB equivalents.

A Plethora of Paladins was one of the few to get things "mostly" right.

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