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Celestial Knight

Most moon elves worship Aluvum: the Seven Stars, whose power number is 7 and whose mark is the Caustronauth.

A holy order of knights exist, which can be compared to human paladins, and serve Aluvum faithfully. This knighthood has little to do with the human concept of such an institution and can only be entered by a demi-human who is eligible for the Fighter/Magic-User/Thief multi-class option.

Celestial knights must be of lawful neutral or lawful good alignment. As with a paladin, any celestial knight who knowingly commits an evil deed will lose all special abilities listed below and become a normal multi-class character thereafter. Committing a chaotic deed must be confessed to a 7th level cleric of the Celestial Order.

Progress within the order of Celestial Knights is always calculated based on the character’s Fighter Level.

The gemstone listed is always displayed on a small breastplate over the heart.

Although Celestial Knights may wear any kind of armor, many choose magical leather so as not to inhibit their thief skills. Whatever armor choice is made, the armor will certainly be black, fixed with the representative gemstone and sparingly decorated with small white jewels (symbolizing stars).

After reaching level 3 Fighter, a Holy Sword will function in the hands of a Celestial Knight just as it would for a paladin.

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