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Moon Elf

The moon elves from the world of Adummim are unrelated to similarly named races found in other source books.

These elves are legendary luthiers and bards and have an order of Paladin-hood unique to their faith.  Moon elven skin tone can range from pink to milk-white. When they are at ease their hair is naturally pastel blue but changes color rapidly with their emotions. Eyes are large and beautiful, tending toward blue, pink or (rarely) black.

Moon elves are nocturnal and see well at night but not well underground (with the exception of the underdark where radiation makes their ultravision useful.

Moon elven society revolves around the night sky and their legendary libraries filled with all manner of lore. To qualify for a moon elf character, ability scores must fall within the following ranges:



Racial Bonuses

  • +2 to initial DEX roll; -1 to initial STR & CON rolls

  • 90% resistant to illusions, charm, sleep

  • Innate ability to detect lies with 70% success

  • Regardless of class, a moon elf can always use a long/short bow and is +1 to hit with these weapons

  • Ultravision DMG p.59

  • Automatically notices secret doors etc. 1in6 when within 10’ of said secrets. Notices them 2in6 when searching.

  • If alone and not in metal armor a moon elf moves silently enough to surprise others 4in6

  • 2/day a moon elf can cast Hypnotism PHB p.75 & 95 so long as the victim can clearly see the moon elf’s eyes (range 10’). Duration is 1 round +1 round/level of the elf. This ability cannot be used in combat.

Racial Disadvantages

  • Moon elves are nearly incapable of lying and any lie they tell is 80% likely to be detected as their hair will turn white. Moon elf emotions are always visible.

  • Moon elves always save vs Poison at a -2 penalty

  • Moon elves cannot bear the touch of cold iron. The touch of it alone causes a moon elf 2 HP dmg/round of contact. Weapons made of cold iron will do +2 per die of dmg to a moon elf.

  • The moon elf soul resides in their hair. While cutting the hair does not harm the elf, shaving the head will kill a moon elf instantly. Moon elf hair is resistant to dye.


​Class & Level Restrictions

  • Cleric 7th Level Max

  • Fighter 7th Level Max

  • Magic-User 13th Level Max

  • Thief Unlimited

  • Assassin 10th Level Max

  • Bard Unlimited

Cleric/Fighter, Cleric/Fighter/Magic-User, Cleric/Magic-User, Cleric/Thief, Fighter/Magic-User, Fighter/Thief, Fighter/Magic-User/Thief & Magic-User/Thief are legitimate multi-class options for a moon elf.

Following the Bard Class is the most illustrious choice in moon elven society, followed closely by that of the Celestial Knight.

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